Are you thinking about selling your home, but perhaps you feel “stuck” or unsure about what to do next?

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Many people we help have lived in their homes for 10+ years, but now have decided (or at least feel like) it’s time for something different.

Perhaps you wish to retire and move on, or you like the idea of downsizing and living more simply, or maybe you just feel like you need a change.

This can be daunting. 

Especially if this is a home you are currently living in and you have lived in it for many years. You may have significant memories built up in this place, and you may also have a lot of things you aren’t sure what to do with.
We also have found that many of the people we work with are living in homes which are not easy to sell.

Perhaps there is work which really needs to be done on the property, or you may have some situation with the mortgage, taxes, the title, or other related challenges.

In any case ...

What really matters right now is figuring out what YOUR next best step is.

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I got exactly what I wanted. 

I got probably $5k more than what my bottom line was.
It was unreal. They made the offer that no one could refuse. They gave me enough money, and I bought another place, and they also helped me find another place. That was unreal.
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